Top 10 Global Brands in 2020 [Brand Passion Report]
Top 10 Global Brands in 2020 [Brand Passion Report]

Top 10 Global Brands in 2020 [Brand Passion Report]

This year top 10 is equally shared by social media, technology and entertainment companies, with behemoth Amazon being the one and only e-Commerce company in the top 10.

New entrants into this year top 10 include Netflix, Facebook, YouTube and Samsung, while no consumer goods, food or telecom brands made it to the top 10 this year.

Major jumps from last year to this year include Netflix, who was 15 on last year’s list, as well as Facebook and YouTube into the top 10 from much further down the list from last year.

Samsung sneaks its way into the top 10 this year, jumping from 12 last year to 8 on this year’s list.

Top 10 Global Love List Insights
Top 10 Global Love List Insights


In the report released by NetBase, we look at the overall most loved brands globally as discussed on social media channels worldwide (research was conducted on English-language posts) from July 1st, 2019 to July 1st, 2020.

Their overall Global Love List ranks the most loved brands in automotive, consumer goods, eCommerce, entertainment, payment services, food & beverage, retail, social media, technology, telecommunications, transportation, finance in over 200 countries.

The Social Rank score is a score that takes into account brands receiving the most love mentions, impressions, sentiment, and engagements to calculate an overall social rank.

What is social media listening?
What is social media listening?

The report includes:

  • 410M million posts of earned mentions
  • 12 months of data from July 1, 2019 to July 1, 2020
  • English language posts
  • Sources include Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, forum, microblogs, news, review sites and many others
  • 200 Countries

Let’s take a deeper dive into what consumers really love about these brand’s and what is driving the “love” conversation about them over the past year:

10. Youtube

Not surprisingly, the trending behaviour in YouTube is “watch” being mentioned over 74k times In the behavior cloud, but it is interesting to see exactly what people are watching or listening to, with trending hashtags being #music at 184k mentions, #gaming at 67k mentions, KPop band #BTS at 76k mentions, #twitch at 40k, #thegreatawakening at 41k and #covid at 51k.

The NetBase product makes it easy to identify top people being discussed, by looking at the “people” word cloud, AI technology identifies top people mentioned on YouTube, with President Trump getting over 350k mentions, Jimmy Fallon getting 110k mentions, Jesus getting 60k mentions, and Lady Gaga, who dropped a new album this year, following at 50k mentions.

9. Facebook

Social network technology giant Facebook makes it into the top 10 this year, with “favourite social networking site” getting 13k mentions, and “Facebook group” getting 35k mentions in the “things” cloud, as groups offer users a place to hang out with others who have the same interests and hobbies.

Even with the “love” theme applied to all brands in this report, the sentiment around Facebook is not all positive with the terms “delete”, “not use” and “boycott” starting to trend in the behaviours cloud, with collective mentions at 6k.

8. Samsung

Samsung moves its way up into the top 10 from its #11 spot last year, with “best phone” trending as a positive attribute being mentioned over 12k times. “Impressive” is another positive attribute that trends at 4k mentions, with the word “switch” being mentioned over 500 times- with many saying they switched from iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy.

Looking at top “things” related to Samsung, “Samsung Galaxy” gets 23k posts, Samsung Galaxy 10Plus at 1.5k, and the “screen” getting 4k mentions.

7. Google

It’s hard to imagine life without Google, which is why many say Google is “their best friend” which was mentioned as a positive emotion over 9k times.

Looking at the top “things” word cloud, we see “google it”, using Google as a verb, in addition to Google Maps getting 8k mentions, and “google classroom” following at 7k, with people saying it’s a brilliant invention. One of the most popular posts referencing Google was from President Trump, getting 128k engagements.

Donald Trump tweet about Google
Donald Trump tweet about Google

6. Netflix

2020 has proven to be the year of streaming entertainment, so it is not surprising to see Netflix dominate the “love” conversation, as binge-watching a show on Netflix has proven to be a great way to pass the time during COVID-19 quarantine.

With so many shows on Netflix, it takes a lot of collective “likes” to dominate the conversation on Netflix, but a few definitely stand out, with “The Great Hack”, the show digging into the Cambridge Analytica scandal getting over 40k mentions. “Best Thing” trends as a positive attribute over 26k times, with people saying certain series are the “best thing” Netflix has produced.

We can see what behaviours trend around Netflix with “binge-watch” trending as a positive attribute that gets 10k mentions. Looking at top “people” as it relates to Netflix, we see “Millie” trending- the actress Millie Bobby Brown from the cult favourite show “Stranger Things” getting over 20k, more than Tiger King at 13k.

The highlight of the Coronavirus quarantine onset was the distraction of Tiger King, with many sharing funny memes and Tiger King inspired photos and costumes.

5. Disney

Disney continues to move its way up the top 10, moving from #7 in last year’s report to #5 in this year’s report. Katie Perry’s Instagram post where she is dressed up as Dumbo the Elephant promoting #disneysingalong night of American Idol, was the most popular post of the year with over 1.9M engagements, and #disneysingalong being mentioned over 108k times.

When it comes to Disney, people love their favorite Disney movies, with “best Disney Movie” trending in the “things” word cloud, being mentioned over 307k times, along with “Disney+”, which was launched in November 2019, being mentioned over 238k times.

Disney, an entertainment behemoth in its own right, dominates entertainment experiences from every touchpoint, with #disneyworld and #waltdisneyworld collectively gaining 650k hashtag mentions, and trending hashtags showing just how far their global entertainment enterprise reaches, with programming on ABC, Disney+ and even global programming in Nigeria as reality dating show “Ultimate Love NG” is a breakout trending hashtag.

4. Spotify

It seems that Spotify and Apple Music and Apple podcasts are close rivals in the podcasting arena, with “favourite podcasting platform” being mentioned over 2k times in the attribute cloud, and playlist being mentioned over 20k times. Independent musician trends positively with over 1k mentions, giving new artists an opportunity to expose themselves to the masses via the streaming platform.

“Switch” trends as positive behaviour, with people saying they switched from Apple Music to Spotify. Digging into top people mentioned, we see Taylor Swift with 37k mentions, Jesus with 3k mentions, as consumers are streaming their favourite Christian music and podcasts, and Lady Gaga at 3k, who dropped an album earlier this year.

3. Apple

According to our data, Apple is where people go to listen to their favourite podcast, with “podcasts” trending in the attribute cloud, being mentioned over 7k times, followed by mentions of Spotify trending at 3k positive attribute mentions.

2. Amazon

The e-commerce behemoth moved up from #6 on last year’s list to #2 on this year’s list. Consumers love to “discover” and “find” things on the platform, with these behaviours being mentioned collectively more than 15k times.

People discover everything from diaper bags to “shoppable posts” from their favourite influencers Instagram feed. In addition to shopping, people are “watching” streamable content from the platform, with the behaviour “watch” being mentioned over 50k times.

In this year’s list, as compared to last year’s, we see that Amazon is now morphing from a shopping platform to an entertainment platform, rivalling other entertainment platforms for consumer’s screen time.

1. Instagram

Trending behaviours around Instagram show that people are watching their favourite influencers and celebrities go live on the platform, with “live on” being mentioned over 53k times.

The ability to Livestream from Instagram has no doubt changed the way consumers ingest content, where they can now see a glimpse of their favourite people live from their phone, heightened by the global pandemic that started in the Spring of 2020.

When digging into top hashtags around Instagram, pets drive the love conversation most, with #dogsofinstagram getting 8M posts! People love their cats too, with “#catsofinstagram getting 3.9M posts.

Top 10 Global Brands
Top 10 Global Brands


The NetBase Quid Brand Passion Report: Top Global Brands Report, a.k.a. “the Love List” is a close look at the brands’ consumers express the most love for on social media.

How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis [+Tools]
How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis [+Tools]
Using next-generation Artificial Intelligence-powered technology, we surfaced the strongest, most positive consumer emotions towards brands, then identified which brands get the most love in this report.

Download the Brand Passion Report 2019: Top Loved Global Brands to learn that and lots more!

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